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Automatic or Manual Transmission

Deciding between these two is not easy decision. Both transmission types have their own distinct pros and cons that make it redundant to label one as better than the other.

This choice is mostly based on personal preference. People like automatic and manual transmission vehicles for different reasons. For instance, some drivers do not like manual transmission vehicles because they are considered “more work” to drive. You have to learn how to not grind gears while shifting, and be cognizant of which gear you are in. An automatic transmission may be worth the extra money if you find it more convenient to drive. Some may consider automatic vehicles boring to drive because they enjoy the extra involvement of the manual transmission, and consider shifting through the gears more fun.

Automatic Transmissions:

In an “automatic” vehicle the transmission shifts gears for you. Automatic vehicles generally shift gears slower than an individual would in a manual vehicle. However, automatic transmissions are definitely more convenient in stop-and-go traffic, though they use a little more fuel than a manual transmission. It has also been argued that an automatic transmission can decrease the overall power from the vehicle’s engine. If you spend a lot of time in rush hour traffic, this ultimately won’t matter, because you can only go as fast as the car in front of you.

While automatic transmission are typically more expensive and generally costs more to repair them, they tend to be more available on the car lot since most car buyers tend to prefer automatic vehicles.

Manual Transmissions:

With a manual transmission, also known as a “stick shift” or “standard transmission”, the driver has to use a third pedal, the clutch, when shifting gears. This means that you will have to use both feet to drive a standard vehicle. You become the shifter. It also requires you will to change gears using the stick shift with your right hand. If you are driving downhill, a standard vehicle can shift down quicker than an automatic. In an automatic, you may need to employ the brakes if it keeps running in a higher gear.

As Automatic transmissions are more popular in the United States, if you’re looking for a manual transmission you may have to order it, instead of being able to drive off the lot right away. With a manual transmission, your vehicle will likely provide you with better fuel economy than it’s automatic counterpart (dependent on personal driving styles) and give you better control while driving. However, when some people debate automatic vs manual transmission, a popular criticism of manual transmission vehicles is that they require more concentration to drive and can actually distract a person’s attention from the road if they aren’t yet comfortable shifting.

Consider before choose

As automatic transmissions are more available at various dealerships, the specific model and configurations you are looking for may have to be special ordered in a manual. Though manual transmissions generally are less expensive on the invoice than automatics, there is also a higher chance of finding a better bargain on an automatic in a earlier year model as there are typically more available on the lot to begin with.

Deciding automatic vs manual transmission does not have to be a difficult choice. Just ask yourself how comfortable you are with having to use a stick shift to go up and down through the gears and consider the price you are willing to pay for a vehicle. If you are using a car as a commuter car, or as a family vehicle, you may want to put more emphasis on an automatic, as fewer people are comfortable driving stick. If you are planning on reselling the vehicle in the future, the type of transmission may not affect the potential resell value, but it could limit the number of potential buyers. The automatic vs manual transmission has been going on years, but ultimately, you should be the judge and consider what is important to you in a vehicle.

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The way we drive, the way we handle a car, is an expression of our inner feelings !

Car is an easy mode of transportation. Getting from point A to B has never been more convenient and easier than before. We don’t need to rely on public transportation for our daily commutes any more, and can enjoy the liberty and independence that comes with a car.

After purchase of our home, purchasing a vehicle is perhaps one of the largest investments we will ever make. Therefore, our vehicle isn’t just a vehicle, it’s like property. In times of need, we can sell it for a less expensive model, and use the money for something useful. In times of success, we can trade it in for something that comes with even better features, benefits and looks.

Driving on the open roads can be an extremely wonderful experience. While driving on some routes, we can enjoy the beauty of nature, such as forests, the ocean, rivers, lakes, deserts, forests, mountains, and hills. Our car can take us on an adventure that walking simply cannot.

For young adults who have college and university, life without personal transportation can be frustrating. It provides the ultimate convenience and could help them take their first step towards independence. They will not have to be dependent on family members or public transportation, and able to drive to college without any problems.

It can also be frustrating to carry heavy bags from stores on foot or in a bus. We will not have to go through this hassle if we have a vehicle. Cars come with a trunk that provides sufficient space to easily transport plenty of shopping and heavy materials. Especially its so useful if we have an elderly person in our home – with car no need to worry about calling a taxi or catching a bus.

Also, large vehicles such as minivans or SUV’s have enough room to seat approximately 6 or 8 passengers. Therefore, traveling with a large group of friends or an extended family will no longer be a problem. Additionally, this can even lower our transportation costs on renting vehicles or using public transportation.

Additionally, vehicles are tested for safety on roads. Therefore, if we are a safety-conscious buyer, we can always take a look at the crash-test safety ratings to learn more about the safety of the vehicle we purchase.

By investing today in one car wisely we can take advantage of convenience, safety, and cost-efficient traveling.

after all…

A dream without ambition is like a car without gas… you’re not going anywhere.

The measure of a country’s prosperity should not be how many poor people drive cars, but how many affluent people use public transportation !

Take care of your car in the garage, and the car will take care of you on the road … People are emotional about engines, if you hurt their car, you hurt their heart …  They love often to say: It’s not just a car, It’s someone else’s dream …. or, It’s not just four wheels – It’s home!

What does a car mean to you dear LLET friend?


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Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow !





Welcome to LLET World of Knowledge – our World of Happiness and Joy dear friend !

Knowledge is our fuel, every information is one new step to success, every advice is new station, every lesson is one new destination… We can go far together and visit many places in world of knowledge – are you ready?


A huge percentage of what we know came from watching and listening to our parents, experimenting with and testing out new ideas or skills on friends, family, colleagues, and strangers, taking risks and failing or succeeding in front of others, gauging reactions, adjusting and adapting.

All of this is part of the process of lifelong learning, and it is – and always has been highly social – even before blogs, Twitter and Facebook.


Learning sparks social engagement – we often connect with others because we want to learn from them and with them. Let’s then enjoy and learn together, I’m so glad that You are here dear friend – Welcome to one new journey and wonderful adventure…




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