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OnePlus 6T

One of the best phones 2019. – OnePlus 6T

  • 6.41” display (1080×2340 pixels)
  • 20 MP camera (2160p)
  • 8GB RAM – Snapdragon 845
  • 3700 mAh battery (Li-Po)
  • Android 9.0

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Screen Unlock – magic touch

Hidden under the display, you will find new in-screen fingerprint sensor. The OnePlus 6T unlocks the moment your finger lands on the display for a seamless and intuitive unlock experience.
Screen Unlock uses a unique mix of software and hardware components to ensure it works perfectly with the OnePlus 6T. Over time, the OnePlus 6T will learn to recognize your fingerprint. Using a revolutionary new optical fingerprint sensor, Screen Unlock lights up the screen to register your fingerprint whenever you press the unlock area.



So much screen
The more screen you have, the more you can do with your phone. From games and movies to apps and web pages, every experience is immersive thanks to edge-to-edge Optic AMOLED display.
Glass without glare
Developers have perfected understanding of glass for a design that visually transforms in different lighting conditions and is resilient enough to remain just as stunning a year in as it was the day you got it.
Truly seamless
Thanks to new in-display fingerprint sensor, the OnePlus 6T’s design is truly unified and even. Subtle curves create a sense of flow that mesmerizes every time you look at or hold it.
Both variants impress from every angle. With its refined matte look, the OnePlus 6T Midnight Black is unassuming in its visual beauty. The Mirror Black’s vivid sheen plays with light and shadow for a visually arresting design.


Everyday protection

With improved water and dust resistance, our latest flagship can follow you wherever you go. Just don’t take it for a swim.

Dual Camera

Main camera

Selfie camera

Magic in every frame
Take clearer and more detailed photos with Multi-frame Processing. This software ensures you won’t notice any shutter lag.


Intelligent scene recognition
Intelligent scene recognition detects what’s in the frame and adjusts the brightness, contrast, saturation, and more to help you create the perfect image.


Light up the night with New Nightscape technology. Artefacts are cleared up and highlights exposed to help you capture more detailed city shots after sunset.


Studio lighting
Studio lighting uses advanced face detection and superior edge detection to dynamically tone shadows and highlights on the subject’s face, giving you stunning portraits with a tap of the shutter.


Faster camera, slower video
At 480 frames per second, you can use super slow-mo to capture the action frame-by-frame in astonishing detail. Videos are simply stunning, whether you record them in slow-mo or in 4K at 60 FPS.


Professional video editing for everyone
Video editor allows you to trim and filter videos, manually add slow motion and more. Fully-featured video editor was tailor-made for videographers. And everyone else.


Fast and Smooth

Faster than ever
Take your game to the next level with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 Mobile Platform. With smooth software and powerful hardware working together, the OnePlus 6T is playing for the win. We hope you are too.
Smarter RAM
The OnePlus 6T packs up to 8GB of RAM. New software algorithms work with your room to ensure faster startup speeds by actively preloading your favorite apps.


Probably the most powerful smartphone
Peak performance is about fine-tuning every animation and gesture to create an effortless experience that never loses momentum.
Stay connected
The OnePlus 6T enables faster download and upload speeds across the board. With support for up to 42 bands around the world and dual-SIM support, you’ll never miss a moment with the OnePlus 6T.



Go big or go home
At 3,700 mAh, this is biggest battery ever. Lasting through a day’s work with battery life to spare, the OnePlus 6T just keeps going.

A day’s power in half an hour
OnePlus Fast Charge offers a faster kind of fast charging. It maintains its incredibly fast charging speed while you’re using your OnePlus 6T, so you don’t have to pause a movie to charge up.



Minimalistic, yet refined
OxygenOS aims to deliver a balanced experience. Navigation is instant, animations are smooth, and every feature serves a purpose.


The cherry on top
OxygenOS is answer to stock Android, refining the parts that work and filling in the blanks. With Android Pie powering the OnePlus 6T out of the box, you get the latest from Android improved by OxygenOS.


It feels better
Developers have updated OxygenOS’ user interface for a more intuitive experience. Updated gesture controls allow you to perform several gestures without taking your finger off the screen. OxygenOS has never felt better.


Watch it your way
There is Reading Mode for those who like to read, DCI-P3 for the cinephiles, and Sunlight Display if you want to keep your screen crisp outdoors.

The Sound of Quality


Whether you’re listening to music, watching a video, or enjoying your favorite podcast, the Type-C Bullets offer superior sound quality and convenience. Learn why the Type-C Bullets are the perfect wired companion to your OnePlus 6T.






  • The value proposition is still great;
  • Bigger, brighter and overall better display than the OnePlus 6, with a smaller notch;
  • Bigger battery than OnePlus 6, with still snappy 20W proprietary fast charging;
  • Bigger base storage than the OnePlus 6 (128GB);
  • Finally usable in-display fingerprint reader – quicker and more accurate than ever;
  • Oxygen OS has a stock look, but offers more features, and is blazing fast. Some Android Pie features have already started popping up in Oxygen OS and first on the OnePlus 6T;
  • The camera has seen a few software improvements over the same hardware setup in the OnePlus 6. All of these improvements, like Night mode, will spread to other OnePlus devices as well.


  • A proper telephoto/ultra-wide camera would be more useful
  • Still no official IP rating, no stereo speakers
  • No microSD slot, no wireless charging, no headset in the box, proprietary charging peripherals.


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